About Regina Rossi

Hi! I’m Regina Rossi, and I’m very pleased that you found my website! Something in the headline must have spoken to you about your life and your needs. I hope so!! I’m very excited to share my story, and my approach, with you!

My company, Here4You, LLC, has evolved from my work on myself and my life, and my personal journey into a holistic lifestyle approach, that combines coaching and movement programs, designed to provide support, guidance, fun, structure, and emotional management tools that will result in YOU re-connecting to YourSelf, free from guilt and all those “should,” with balance, ease and peace.

How did I get from being a full-time agency social worker to an entrepreneurial coach and Zumba, Zumbini Instructor, and all the rest?  Well, before my mom died, I had been traveling back and forth from NY to Florida for four years.  My internal conversation of ”I will never live in Florida,” upgraded to “what’s next?.” My ‘dream man’ husband, Josh, closed up our apartment in Queens, joined me, and we boldly started on a new adventure.

We kept my mom’s apartment, until a brand new conversation, called, ‘should we adopt a baby’, took hold. As one of three adopted children, raised in a loving Italian family, I’d wrestled with this question for a long time. Having found the right person to share my life with, the answer emerged. In preparation for starting a new family, we moved out of my mom’s 55+ community, that didn’t allow children, to a town house community that does. Our sometimes rocky adventure through adoption ended with the joyful birth of our daughter, Lexi, almost four years ago, when I was 48.

During this time, I delved into my heart’s purpose, and melded my love of dancing, performing, teaching, and event planning into Here4You, LLC. I reinvented my career and my lifestyle, in partnership with Josh. I am sometimes amazed that I have a life I love, with my own family, and that I have created a business where I get to say what it looks like, when I do it, and when I carve out ME TIME.

I came to realize that my 20 years’ experience as a Licensed Social Worker, working with hundreds of children and families, my 8 year career as a wellness and fitness instructor, 15 years of assisting at a world-renowned personal and professional development company, and the changes in my personal life, have all led me to the Mission of Here4You, LLC; it is to support busy women and moms, whom I have come to love and admire, to Powerfully Manage the Demands of Their Everyday Lives with Balance, Peace and Ease; BEYOU-tiful just like You.

What I have learned is that, finding time to nurture Healthy Mind, Body & Soul Time, does not have to be a dream; it is Essential for US!