I Help Busy Women and Moms Powerfully Manage the Demands
of Their Everyday Lives with Balance, Peace and Ease

Today’s world keeps changing daily, so much so, that we are being thrust into the unknown and uncertainty, minute by minute.

You might agree that most of our time is spent constantly thinking about and doing things for our children, work, friends, family, responding to their sudden and ever-changing needs at a moment’s notice.  You handle all of this with the authority of a General, squeezing You in only when and if you can.

Like YOU, I am a woman, a mother of a 4-year-old, a wife, aunt, godmother, friend, and entrepreneur.  I have been down that road of hustling, juggling, doing it all 1000%, living on coffee, anything I can get into my mouth (often leftovers of my toddler’s meal) and sometimes not eating at all.

These unhealthy ways of doing things don’t work.

I learned to take care of My Self with the help of professionals and my community. Now, I’m here to pay it forward.

I have taken my 20 years’ experience supporting hundreds of women, children, families as a Licensed Social Worker, combined with 8 years as a wellness and fitness instructor, 15 years of  world-renowned personal development and my diverse life experience, to support women just like You.

“She Turned Her “Cant’s” Into “Cans” and Her Dreams Into Plans.
― Kobi Yamada


How We Work Together

I have designed a series of 1-1 Empowerment Sessions where you will learn a variety of simple techniques, a powerful toolbox designed personally for you, to  help you create precious time for yourself that also works for the whole family.

Scheduled 1 Hour Calls:

  • I will teach you how to use these tools quickly and effectively, and guide you step by step, with a sense of balance, peace and ease.
  • You will experience a meaningful re-connection to yourself that allows you to remember your very own needs and dreams.
  • You will reignite the creative energy required to make healthier choices to fulfill on what matters to you most.

Make Yourself a Priority Once in a While.
It’s Not Selfish, It’s Necessary!

Our Shared Values

Our mindset plays a critical role in everything we do. Think about when you wake up in the morning…how do you usually feel? Excited to start the day? Wanting to pull the covers over your head, just want to stay in bed, don’t feel like going out, Maybe you are brooding over the disagreement you had with your husband, co-worker or boss? Maybe you over committed yourself, to stay busy and realize you do not have a minute to breathe and find time for Yourself? Are you tired? Sluggish?

In this part of the program, YOU will become aware of, and understand, the importance of managing your energy, and how YOUR mindset plays a Key Role in what triggers you, when you find yourself Reacting vs. Responding!

WE will explore what triggers set you off, that put you into a place of “being on autopilot”. Together, WE will uncover the answer to the question, why am I reacting this way? Is this an old, ingrained habit that no longer serves me?

As a result, you will experience A higher level of awareness and understanding when it comes to your triggers, so You can respond rather than react!

YOU will learn how to manage your energy. When we are talking about managing your energy, this means creating healthy self-care habits that support you in your everyday life to identify and manage fatigue, stress overload and burnout. Imagine the feeling of empowerment! Yeah, this is where your very way of Being in Your Life changes.

As a result, you will experience more time for Yourself in ways YOU enjoy without the guilt, worry & stress, leaving you feeling more productive, confident, at ease and peaceful, no matter what you are dealing with.

Trust is crucial in our relationship to ourselves and in our relationships with family members, colleagues, friends and our significant other. Many women have shared that they feel a lack, a missing, in their relationships.

Here, WE will explore YOUR values and stories about Trust; where do they really originate from?

WE will look at the network of conversations around you about Trust, especially what others say to you or about you. What do you say to yourself when someone compliments you? When it comes to not having a partner or child?  Is there fear? Shame? Guilt?  There is no-one out there that will really get me. Or men can’t be trusted.

YOU will begin to see how the conversations you grew up in and around have shaped your life, especially about TRUST.

WE will shift your attention away from those old, ingrained conversations that have you working harder than you need to, and train you to listen for, and create, new conversations.

YOU will learn how to distinguish the difference between the “story” around Trust you have lived by for so long vs. the empowering new way YOU get to trust yourself and others, and how you all can live into a whole new possibility of Trust.

As a result, you will experience a healthier new relationship with TRUST that will provide YOU with the freedom and security to experience the full potential of intimacy, love and vulnerability in any relationship.

When you read this statement, what truthfully comes to your mind? How does it make you feel? Are you on survival mode? For a long time, I felt like that was not even an option; becoming a Mother was my bigger purpose. I had had all the ME TIME I was entitled to, and now it is all about the child(ren), so feeling tired, sneaking in a few minutes here and there, taking that massage someone gave me as gift, maybe a special “Girls Night Out if I was lucky, made me feel guilty. Being mostly on survival mode is what it takes, right? No!

Here, we will explore what Creating Time for YourSelf really means to YOU, and delve deeper into how the time you are creating for YourSelf, or not, is impacting YOU, and others around YOU.

You will begin to look at creating time for YourSelf that is authentic to YOU, not what you think you “should do or have to do”.

As a result, you will experience a new mindset when making choices that comes from a place of balance, peace and ease.

If you are in a relationship, you may be missing experiencing time for intimate connection, or forgetting how to be an adult, how to be a couple. Sound familiar?  Here We will discuss how you first met and why YOU chose each other as partners and what, if anything, you’d like to add or subtract from your partnership now.

As a result, you will experience a shift from the old patterns of ‘fitting’ this in, to creating space and time intentionally for each other; a re-igniting of passion, intimacy, and connection.

Research has shown for years that ensuring your body is fueled with healthy, nourishing foods and drinking water, is imperative to overall well-being, mind, body, and soul.

Here, we will dive into how you nourish yourself, if at all. So many women have shared with me that they really don’t care about eating, are not hunger or waiting until they are starving and then shove things in their mouths! What about hydrating, water vs wine? LOL. And let’s be real, alcohol or mind/body dulling food or drugs to relax are ways we say we are taking care of ourselves, but is it really healthy and helping?  How much deep sleep are we really getting?

Remember, when we are on an airplane and the flight attendants show us how to use the air mask first? YOU must put on YOUR air mask first before helping others because YOU need to take care of yourself properly before you can take care of someone else.

We will discuss your habits around food and hydration and create ways to carve out time for healthy nourishment.

As a result, you will experience new, healthier food choices and habits that lead to re-ignited balanced energy, leaving you feeling strong and capable.

You will begin to discover how your sleep patterns impact your overall well-being, especially your state of mind. Remember Mindset and Triggers? This will be added support in Managing Your Energy!

I will provide some tips and techniques that can help quiet the mind and promote healthier sleep patterns.

As a result, you will experience a sense of rejuvenation and a re-connection to YourSelf.

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Client Praise

Regina helped me to replace insecurity for confidence in my ability to make decisions.
She helped me see the importance of  having boundaries, as well as to accept losses and trials and appreciate their purpose in my journey.
She taught me how to engage power and peace in my mornings by working on intentions and positive energy. I now set an intentional purpose to my days from the moment I wake up.
I now practice bringing integrity into situations and relationships, realizing now that having integrity is an active way of being. Regina taught me this, as well as how to Live my life putting an emphasis on who I am being rather than simply what I am doing!
Leanna - Florida
Regina supported me through the decision to embark on a major career change. If you are a woman or mom who needs to invest in yourself, or you’re looking to be pushed outside a comfort zone – and we all know that that’s the only way growth really happens – then step outside of your ‘normal’ life with Regina!
Jen - New York

I have a new perspective on what My Essential Me Time is when life throws me some curve balls instead if feeling and experiencing, I have not done anything for myself.

I have a new understanding that my schedule and other things don’t always go as planned and that I can re-adjust my mindset, take actions & create something positive out of what doesn’t go the way I Thought it looked like it should go.

Sarah - Florida

I have a new perspective on what My Essential Me Time is when life throws me some curve balls instead if feeling and experiencing, I have not done anything for myself.

I have a new understanding that my schedule and other things don’t always go as planned and that I can re-adjust my mindset, take actions & create something positive out of what doesn’t go the way I thought it looked like it should go.

Sharon - New York